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The truth of the Savignola philosphy “Quality, Elegance, Culture, Authenticity” is in the bottle!

Savignola is a boutique winery that has been located in the heart of Chianti Classico since 1780, with a vineyard area of 5 hectares and an annual production of about 22,000 bottles.

The craftsmanship of past ages continues today in the fields and cantina.

We nurture the vines all year by hand, rarely relying on machines to make vital work faster. At the harvest every bunch of grapes is examined and judged before being selected for picking to ensure only the finest and perfectly ripe grapes go into the cantina that day. In the cantina the hands-on approach continues. The tanks and barrels are checked regularly by our staff to ensure adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently, assuring the quality of each vintage.

The range of wines.

The small size of our plantings allow us to produce wines that truly represent the small micro-climate of our hillside and its characteristic deep clay and chalky soil. This terrain requires rigorous and careful work every year to ensure the perfect conditions for creating rich, intense and long-lived wines.

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Discover how we work.

Our goal is to create quality wines and oil which are the finest representatives of our territory

For this reason, the work we carry out protects and enhances the distinctive authenticity of our terroir and the surrounding area to achieve a balance between traditional methods, technological innovation, and elegance of the final products.

how we work