Immerse yourself in the genuine aromas and flavors of Tuscany, a region of timeless beauty

At Savignola you have the chance to explore and deeply appreciate the intimate connection between the fundamental pillars of Tuscan culture: wine and food.

At Savignola, the cherished recipes passed down by Tuscan grandmothers find perfect harmony in the embrace of our wines.

Each sip and every bite is a journey into the vibrant heart of the land that surrounds us.

Our wine and food offerings are a celebration of authenticity and Tuscan excellence, skillfully blending tradition with innovation.

With a commitment to sustainability and deep respect for our rural heritage, we pair our wines with seasonal, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Discover our wines and views: a journey through our history, fascinating tales, flavours and aromas

Visits and tasting experiences

During the day, wine leads the offered experiences, paired with homemade dishes that enhance its true essence

Special Evenings “Da Paolina”

At dinner, carefully selected wines serve as the guide in a journey of authentic flavors, placing food as the undeniable star of an unforgettable dining experience.

A journey of aromas through the authentic flavors of Tuscany