DAPaolina - EN


Paolina’s legacy continues in our new adventure.
Her passion for wine was matched by her determination to live off the land she called home. Her table was a celebration of Tuscan life: wine from the cellar, vegetables from the garden, and meat from the hills surrounding the farm. We think she would approve of this new venture that brings the past into the present.
Spend an evening at our beautifully appointed dining room or in the serenity of the garden while discovering traditional Tuscan dishes perfectly paired with wines from Tuscany and featuring Savignola’s wines. Our ethos of sustainability, quality and innovation extends to this new activity
Watch as the vibrant sunset gives way to a velvet blue sky punctuated by brilliant stars over a landscape silvered by moonlight. Listen as the night birds come out to enchant you with their song. Feel the cool night air replace the heat of the sun. The aromas coming from the kitchen will have your mouth watering as you choose from a locally-sourced seasonal menu of traditional Tuscan dishes.
Your four courses will be served with wines carefully chosen to take those dishes to new heights. You’ll learn the history behind the humble dishes of Tuscany, and after you’ve tasted them you’ll understand why these dishes have travelled to the four corners of the world, elevated by great chefs and appreciated by the most discerning diners.
Join the family of Savignola for this intimate and exclusive dining experience.