Us and the wine

Us and the wine

Enhancing the territory and refining our craftsmanship over time through quality products is the philosophy on which we base our work at Savignola.

A historic company renowned for the quality and elegance of its wines.
Savignola is a boutique winery that has been located in the heart of Chianti Classico since 1780, with a vineyard area of ​​5 hectares and an annual production of about 22,000 bottles.

Luzius & Manuela
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Savignola, whose name has Etruscan origins, was known as a Christian settlement and was built around the first half of the seventeenth century.
Distinguished by an all-female history, it is considered one of the historic companies of the area thanks to the figure of Paolina, the first woman to bottle her Riserva in a Bordeaux style bottle. She was a determined woman with a strong character who was able to bring innovation to the historical tradition of Chianti Classico.
Today’s leader is Manuela alongside her husband Luzius, who together with the Savignola team continue this wonderful and ambitious project.
What sets us apart is careful attention to detail; always seeking quality and a balance between tradition and innovation in every process, service, and attitude.

The deep clay and chalky soil that characterizes our hill requires rigorous and careful work every year to create the perfect conditions for obtaining rich, intense and long-lived wines.
By following the principles of integrated production and carrying out sustainable processing of the vineyards, we respect, protect, and enhance our terroir with its unique features so that our range of products are the ultimate expression of the land and reflect its authenticity.
Winter pruning
Daily check in the vineyards
Sangiovese grapes
Hand Picking of the grapes
The aging process
The colours of autumn
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Every day we are pleased to welcome our guests to guide them through our cellars and a wine tasting experience, or to make their stay in the rooms of our newly renovated farmhouse with all the modern comforts a pleasant one.