Borgo Savignola

A symphony of wine and food in the heart of Chianti Classico

Savignola is immersed in nature and the slow pace of the Tuscan lifestyle.

Begun as a farming community in the 16th century, this small hamlet is surrounded by history and today it is home to the Savignola wineryagriturismo and restaurant.

You will find the true heart and soul of Savignola in everything we do!

We maintain a careful balance between tradition and innovation to make the borgo a sustainable and still authentic expression of the Chianti region.

Savignola’s has a long history since 1780.

The name Savignola has Etruscan origins and became known as a Christian settlement  around the first half of the seventeenth century.

Stone by stone and through the hard work of many generations this simple borgo has evolved from a small hamlet of family farms to a respected and award-winning vineyard and agriturismo.

Fields that once sustained a family by growing a variety of crops like grains and vegetables alongside vines and olive trees are now dedicated to the growing of native grapes and olives used to make the superior wines and oils of the Savignola label. Buildings that previously housed families and farm operations have been transformed into elegant living spaces that respect tradition while offering 21st century modern comforts.

Savignola is characterized by a strong female footprint.

Paolina ran her family winery during the 50’s and 60’s, in a time when women rarely worked anywhere except in the home. She not only ran this important company but was also able to influence others and bring innovation to the historic traditions of Chianti Classico. Notably, she was the first woman and third person to bottle her Riserva in a Bordeaux-style bottle. Her example is what drives the present-day Savignola practices and ethos.

Today Savignola is led by Manuela and her husband Luzius, who together with their team continue this wonderful and ambitious project.

The philosophy of Women-Led extends to the staff, as both the hospitality activities and the cantina works are headed by strong women whose respect for tradition is equal to their quest for innovations that improve the products and experiences of Savignola.

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